These wide-eyed kitties will watch you with every step while you enjoy the comfort of padded soles.

From marshmallows to Band-aids, cat-loving retailer Felissimo has all the cute kitty products we could ever ask for. Now they’ve found a way for us to get a feel for the world of felines, with a pair of soft, padded kittens for our feet!

You+More, the humorous and creative branch of Felissimo’s product development group, is behind the new design, which they say will give us the same quiet, stealthy footsteps of a sneaky cat.

▼ The compact slippers can be folded up so you can pack them and take them anywhere, while the suede-like soles create noiseless stepping so you can sneak up and pounce on your unsuspecting feline.


▼ The four designs in the range include a fluffy black-and-white kitten


▼ A green-eyed tabby cat



▼ A chubby-cheeked British Shorthair4

▼ And a tranquil Manx cat.


With specially-designed insoles to keep your feet cushioned and warm, one breed of cat slipper will be available each month for the next four months, with each pair retailing for 2,320 yen (US$21.45), and available to purchase worldwide from the official Felissimo website.

Source, Images: Felissimo