While attending Wireless Japan 2012 this year, we were able to see some offerings by the best companies of the mobile industry.  But many times, it’s the small to mid-sized businesses that really aim to make a name for themselves.

Enter Sun Crest Ltd., who shocked many with their line of shockproof screen film protectors.  Although it’s not officially released, we got ahold of a sample and put it to the test with some whacks from a wine bottle.

There’s already a product called Buff sold outside of Japan which claims to withstand blows by hammers and bricks.  The sample we got appeared to be the same thing.  However, the staff at the company’s booth said their product had only been completed a week earlier.

Also at the event the company held a demonstration where they repeatedly dropped 110g iron balls from a height of 1 to 2 meters. After the umpteenth ball was dropped not a single scratch could be seen on the iPhone’s screen.  The real balls of iron, however, belong to the person will to try this for themselves, aka your fearless reporter.

The sample was intended for use on iPhone4/4S models.  Unfortunately I don’t have one of those so – ahem – I’m using my less expensive iPod Touch for the experiment.

After applying the film I nervously lined the up the wine bottle with the center of my beloved touchscreen.  Then I gave it a firm rap with the butt of the bottle with enough force to simulate dropping a bottle on the phone.  The display remained intact.

Upon closer inspection, right after repeated hitting you can see some scuffs on the screen.  However, shortly after the marks begin to disappear all by themselves. It certainly seems strong enough.

There shouldn’t be many hits to your phone harder to this in your daily life.  In fact, if you use this film, you won’t have to worry about any reasonable bump or drop.  Sure Buff claims to withstand a hammer blow, but anyone hitting their smartphone with a hammer probably shouldn’t have a smartphone in the first place.

So, if you’re looking for a reasonable level of protection on your mobile device this will meet it.  Any impact testing should be performed at your own risk.

Photo: RocketNews

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▼The wine bottle was lowered to simulate dropping repeatedly on the iPod Touch.

▼The official product hasn’t gone on sale yet so this package isn’t the final design.

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