Toy Story

Toy Story-themed camper vans are a fan’s dream, so limited-edition there’s a lottery to buy them

Decked all out with Toy Story motifs, camping and Toy Story-loving families will love it!

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Toy Story Hotel opening at Tokyo Disneyland resort this year

Pixar’s hit franchise serves as the inspiration for a new class of Tokyo Disney Resort accommodations.

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Did the Governor of Tokyo just cosplay as Buzz Lightyear to talk about coronavirus?

People can’t work out whether she looks more like a character from Toy Story or Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Japan Railways announces a Pixar themed bullet train to commemorate anniversary

To southern Japan… and beyond!

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Adorn yourself with Pixar magic with stunning Toy Story themed jewelry from Japan

Now you can wear Woody and Buzz Lightyear around your neck in style!

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Tokyo Disney Resort to build new Toy Story Hotel, new themed areas of Disneyland and Disney Sea

No new park is coming, but there are still some exciting developments in store for Tokyo Disney!

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Kingdom Hearts III brings Pixar into the franchise with new Toy Story world【Video】

Sora teams up with Woody and Buzz to battle the heartless in a crossover first for the hit series.

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Toy Story’s Woody and pals join to form “Super Mecha Toy Story Robot Sheriff” 【Pics/Vid】

Now THIS is a real space ranger!

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The latest work by Japan’s hottest anime studio…is on the new Toy Story Blu-ray?!? 【Video】

I’ve actually never seen any of the Toy Story movies. I hear they’re entertaining and poignant, but my extremely busy lifestyle only leaves me so much time for watching cartoons, and I generally prefer my animation to be hand-drawn and Japanese.

But I may just have to check out the newest Toy Story Blu-ray release, since it contains a piece of original animation from Trigger, one of Japan’s hottest anime studios.

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Tokyo Disneyland’s Buzz Lightyear has a friend in Woody, and also a friend in his crotch

There are only so many hours in a day, which means all the time you devote to listening to Japanese girls’ rock bands or learning a half-dozen ways to says “breasts” in Japanese means less time for soaking up mainstream American pop culture. As a result, I’ve got some pretty big gaps in my Hollywood movie-watching history, but at least I know their basic plots because they’ve been talked about and referenced elsewhere so much.

For example, I know Titanic is about an elderly woman fondly remembering some dude she hooked up with on a cruise 70 years ago, who was apparently so good in the sack that she has no time on her deathbed to remember her children or the man who fathered them. Forest Gump is about remarkably patient bus travelers who are willing to listen to the life story a complete stranger because of his vague promises of giving them chocolate at some point.

And Toy Story, as I can infer from these Tokyo Disneyland photos, is about how a humble cowboy and abrasive astronaut learn to overcome their differences and become pals when one gives the other a hand job, right?

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Toy Story’s Little Green Men arrive at Tokyo Disneyland in edible form, plus other new sweets

At Tokyo Disneyland, the park’s rides often get overshadowed by its other attractions. For many visitors, a day at The Happiest Place on Earth (in Japan) is more about catching parades, taking photos, or munching on the limited-time treats that are sold inside the gates.

With summer vacation just getting started, Tokyo Disneyland is rolling out a new batch of animation-inspired food, including desserts modeled after Toy Story’s Little Green Men.

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New Attraction Opens at Tokyo Disney Sea! But How Long Would You Be Willing to Wait to Get on the Ride? 1 Hour? 2 Hours? Try 6 Hours and 40 Minutes

We recently posted a story on the new Toy Story snacks and goodies that have become available at Tokyo Disney Sea in advance of the opening of the new attraction, “Toy Story Mania!“. Well, now that Toy Story Mania! has officially opened on July 9th, we wanted to let you know what the crowd was like on opening day. Okay, the attraction was highly anticipated, with excellent advance reviews, so a huge crowd was fully expected. But who would have imagined that the wait time for the ride at 10:30a.m. on opening day would be a staggering 400 minutes? That’s a 6 hour 40 minute wait! Read More

“Little Green Man” to Appear at Tokyo Disney Sea – But Not in Humanoid Form

According to a post on the official Tokyo Disney Resort Blog, “Little Green Man” will be making an appearance at Tokyo Disney Sea starting July 5th. So, does this mean that the theme park will be overrun by aliens? No, but it does mean that there will be some tasty new snacks available at Disney Sea, and you’ll love them if you’re a fan of the Toy Story series. Read More