Asuka Tachikawa, 27, famous for being a “beautiful city councilor,” has had pressure put on her to quit her job because she is actually an alien in disguise trying to ruin the city of Niizu in Saitama (near Tokyo).

Elected as a city councilor in February this year, the Saitama Prefectural Electoral Office has decided that her election is invalid because she may not have lived in the city for more than the required 3 months. In other words, she is an alien.

But what evidence do they have?

Well, they surveyed her place of residence, and deemed it uninhabited after the water usage for a three month period was not even enough to flush the toilet ONCE!

In her defense, Asuka said: “I use the toilet at the convenience store a lot”. When questioned further, she also said, “I don’t even have time to wash my face in the morning!”

Typical alien behavior.

Notice how she wears glasses here to look more human.

She went on a twitter rampage after the questioning:

“I’ll never forgive the f%&$ers for trying to ruin my life” “yes, I’m talking about you f#&$s that are trying to make me quit my job”.

Evidence suggests that not only is she an alien, but also a yakuza.

Here are some more pics:

I often use the conbini toilet! (But secretly I don’t even need to because I am an alien!)

I don’t have time to wash my face in the morning! (nor do I need to because the rubber mask hiding my alien identity preserves for several years without being washed)

Source: Itai News