Tired of stuffing rice balls in your bag only to have them get squished and smear sticky rice all over your important work documents?

Takara Tomy Arts is here to answer your plea with SmartHan (han means “rice”), a revolutionary new way to enjoy your favorite rice dish from home while on the go!

Don’t be fooled by the name: you don’t have a genius to operate SmartHan. Just pack the inside of your SmartHan with rice and your favorite fillings, close it up and snap the twist cap on the bottom of the unit and the lid on the top.

When you’re ready to eat, just pop off the top lid and turn the twist cap at the bottom to squeeze out a tasty rice log! It’s so easy to use that you only need one hand, making it perfect for the busy business man and amputees!

Like the smartphone, Takara Tomy Arts claims they hope to make SmartHan an essential companion to the modern Japanese lifestyle and in the product press release, they outline a number of advantages SmartHan holds over traditional onigiri rice balls:

・Anyone can pack rice to go in about a minute!
・Small bumps on the inside of the unit prevent rice from sticking!
・You don’t have to open your mouth wide to eat it, making it perfect for women!
・Eco-friendly! No need for plastic wrap!

And so on.

SmartHan is set to go on sale in Japan on September 13 for 840 yen (about US $10) and will be available in two hip, gender binary-friendly colors: blue for men and orange for women.

Depending on the success of SmartHan, Takara Tomy Arts is considering developing an entire line of novelty bento products, so be sure to pick up a few tubes for yourself and friends if you want to see more.

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Source: IT Media

▼ For Women

▼ For Men

▼ Easy to fill

▼ And easy to eat!

▼ For those who spend more time doing their hair than making their lunch