There’s a lot of cool stuff going on for Resident Evil fans recently. You’ve got the S.T.A.R.S. restaurant in Tokyo, the Resident Evil attraction at Universal Studios Japan, Resident Evil: Retribution movie coming to the big screen this September and of course the OH MY GOD ZOMBIE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!!

…sorry, what we were saying is: and of course, the October 2 release of Resident Evil 6, which will undoubtedly be less scary than the zombie attack text adventure above, if more recent titles are anything to judge by.

But hey, Capcom hasn’t lost it yet! Just check out their new teaser webpage, titled “Biohazard Hisotry.”

But be sure to turn the volume down and scroll down slowly, otherwise you might GAHHH HEADCRAB RIGHT ABOVE YOU!!!

Oh wait, wrong game.

The website reads: “The Biohazard series has gone beyond the genre and boasts overwhelming popularity. When looking back on the generations of horror, we encounter “a new terror.” *cue dramatic music*

The page ends with “Resident Evil: Damnation,” the upcoming feature-length CG film followed by the ambiguous “BIOHAZARD HISTORY Coming Soon…2012.9.14”

September 14 is when Resident Evil: Retribution comes out in Japan, but it looks like Capcom has a surprise in store the same day.

Perhaps it’s an amazing collection like the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box coming later this year. No, wait, the original Resident Evil came out in March… That leaves a few other possibilities, like OH MY F$’&# WILD METAPOD APPEARED!

Source: Biohazard History