And, surprise, it’s not coming to video game mecca Akihabara.

Few companies enjoy the sort of loyalty and respect that Nintendo does in Japan. A technological pioneer that achieved worldwide success while capturing the imagination of kids around the globe, the video game giant’s image here is sort of a cross between the lofty reputations of Apple and Disney.

So it’s actually quite fitting that just like those two companies, Nintendo is going to have its own dedicated store.

Nintendo’s head offices remain in its ancestral home of Kyoto, but the shop will be located in Tokyo and bear the logically straightforward name of Nintendo Tokyo. And while Akihabara is the generally the go-to choice for retail spaces for hard-core gamers, Nintendo’s significant mainstream popularity is reflected in the fact that Nintendo Tokyo will be found on the other side of downtown from the otaku mecca, in the trendy Shibuya neighborhood.

Nintendo Tokyo will be the company’s first directly managed shop in Japan, and in addition to selling Nintendo hardware, software, and character merchandise, the store will also have space for events and game demonstrations.

There’s no word as to exactly how big the store will be, but given that it’s going to be part of the currently under-construction new Shibuya Parco building (shown in the artist’s rendition above), which will be 19 stories tall, we can probably expect a pretty spacious venue. Best of all, Nintendo says it plans to make Nintendo Tokyo a place that a wide variety of visitors can enjoy, so hopefully whether you’re a wide-eyed kid playing through your very first Mario game, or a veteran who’s been playing Nintendo’s games since before the famous sometimes-plumber got his “Super” qualification, Nintendo Tokyo should be worth a visit when it opens in fall 2019.

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