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Now that we’re done with April showers and May flowers (although Japan’s most famous flowers, the cherry blossoms, actually bloom in April), it’s time for the next monthly theme: June brides. Even though Japan’s weather gets pretty hot and sticky at this time of year, many young couples still like the iconic ring of “June bride,” and what better way to seal their vows than with rings with iconic styling cues from Disney characters?

Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea remain popular date spots even for couples who’re long past their student days, and so the characters and symbols of the world’s most successful animation producer have a sort of evergreen appeal to romantics in Japan. As such, Disney’s new line of rings, which went on sale June 1 at the Tokyo Disney Resort as well as Japanese branches of the Disney Store and its online shop, aren’t cheap pieces of costume jewelry, but crafted from the precious metals and stones of bona fide wedding and engagement rings.

The piece with the most dynamic presence is the Tiara Engagement Ring.

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While its 216,000-yen (US$1,815) price tag means this is a serious piece of jewelry, it still has its playful sides, literally, as looking at the setting from different angles reveals the familiar Mickey Mouse outline.

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Assuming she says yes, Disney recommends the somewhat contradictorily named Half Eternity Wedding Ring, priced at 162,000 yen and made of platinum (as are all the rings shown here).

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Not only does it also feature Mickey marks and diamonds, it’s designed to make an aesthetically pleasing pair when worn together with the Tiara Engagement Ring.

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Getting back to that unusual “Half Eternity” name, it turns out Disney isn’t actually suggesting that your marriage won’t last forever. Instead, it’s subtly suggesting that the groom also pick up the men’s version of the Half Eternity Wedding Ring for himself (108,000 yen, or 129,600 yen for larger sizes).

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For those craving more color, there’s the Curved Engagement Ring with diamonds and pink sapphires for 237,600 yen.

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▼ The Curved Wedding Rings, women’s (108,000 yen) and men’s (97,000 yen or 118,800 yen for large sizes)

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▼ The Curved Engagement and Wedding Rings paired with one another

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Of, if you’re not into pink, there’s the Straight Engagement Ring, the priciest of the bunch at 302,400 yen.

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▼ The Straight Wedding Rings, Women’s (86,400 yen) and Men’s (97,200 yen or 118,000 yen)

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This brings us to the final set, part of the Disney Store’s teddy bear-themed UniBEARsity line.

▼ The 291,600-yen UniBEARsity Engagement Ring, with diamonds and pink sapphires

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Pretty as it may be, we’re not sure how it fits into the bear motif, especially when both the engagement and associated women’s wedding ring (86,400 yen) are both engraved with Daisy Duck’s shoe on the inner edge, while the men’s wedding ring (97,200 yen or 118,800 yen) has Donald’s webbed footprint.

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If these look like just the thing you’d like to present when popping the question or sealing the deal, you’ll find the engagement ring order page here, and the wedding ring order page here. It goes without saying that Disneyland would be the ideal place to propose, and also that, given the collection’s prices, that you shouldn’t waste any yen by throwing coins into the park’s fountains.

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