Shit Girls Say is a comedy web series that pokes fun at the cliches and stereotypes associated with young female speech.

Of course, there’s a good chance you probably knew this; the videos have racked up more than 32 million combined views to date and spawned countless parodies exploring the quirky verbal mannerisms of black girls, single girls, Asian moms and more.

Well now Japan is finally in on the joke with “Sh*t Japanese Girls Say.”

The video was written and directed by Medama Sensei, an American English teacher at a Japanese high school in Okinawa. Medama Sensei also plays our beautiful mustached heroine and anyone who’s been around teenage girls and young women in Japan could probably vouch that his performance is so accurate it’s こわっ(kowa).

This isn’t the first Sh*t People Say video by Medama Sensei. If you haven’t seen it already, we highly recommend “Sh*t Japanese Students Say” for an on-the-ground look of what it’s like to teach in a Japanese high school:

Both of the above videos are packed with “funny because it’s true” moments, but most of the lines might be lost on viewers who aren’t Japanese or have never spent time teaching or studying in Japan.

This next one, however, should be hilarious who enjoys a good dose of wacky Japanese Engrish. It’s titled “Sh*t Americans Say,” but should probably be renamed to “Sh*t Japanese People Think Americans Say.”

Japanese gyals rabu me.

Source: YouTube
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