In celebration of Walt Disney’s 110th Anniversary, Disney has put together a literal dreamland of illumination displays in Harajuku, Tokyo.  A part of the larger “Walt Disney 110th Anniversary Omotesando Harajuku Dream Together Project 2012,” these light displays are open from November 1st to December 25 and are already drawing crowds of viewers.

Our female correspondent visited the display last week and tells us that while Harajuku’s Disney Dreamland illumination event is a must see for Disney lovers, even if you aren’t a Disney fan, you will surely be impressed by this awesome display of lights.

Up until now, these stunning Disney illumination displays could only been seen at the night time parades inside Tokyo Disney Land.  But a special anniversary calls for a special event, which is why Disney Land decided to extend their magical hand to the already whimsical Omotesando avenue in Harajuku.  There are three areas total and each area has a different Christmas related theme:

1. Omotesando Hills, Theme: Love – Celebrate with Disney characters a Christmas full of love.

2. Laforet Harajuku, Theme: Magic – A magical present from Disney to you.

3. Tokyu Plaza, Omotesando Harajuku, Theme: Fantasy – Mickey’s gift to his friends of a fantasy world.

Of course the lights themselves are beautiful, but it’s that signature Disney magic that makes the space really special.  For instance, at the Tokyu Plaza display, when the clock strikes a certain time in the evening, the genie from Aladdin appears on the scene inconspicuously to surprise and delight passersby!

At the Omotesando Hills display, there are seven trees decorated in the image of seven Disney character princesses.  The decorations are out of this world!  The tree for Princess Jasmine is decorated with lamp-shaped decorations, and the one for Ariel is decorated with Flounder-shaped decorations.  Noticing the intricate detail of the decorations is an enjoyable part of discovering what the displays have to offer.

Another entertaining part of the illuminations is the great back ground music.  We wouldn’t want to spoil it by giving it away, but our reporter tells us the music makes the illuminations even more enchanting.

Our reporter only meant to drop by to check out the displays, but in fact lost track of the time and ended up spending some 2 hours among the illuminations.  It might be a good idea not to go a few minutes before closing time, but to allow yourselves plenty of time to get lost in the magic of it all by going around seven or eight in the evening.

Each of these illumination displays has their own particular attractions.  How about giving yourself a treat by leisurely visiting this  winter ‘dreamland’ in Harajuku!  You are certain to have a memorable time.  Now, sit back and enjoy the gallery!

Laforet’s Magic

You can get your picture taken in front of this display, but unfortunately as it was past nine o’clock, shooting time was finished for the day. Make sure you get there early!

The entrance is all decked out in Disney.


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku’s Fantasy

Tokyu Plaza’s Mickey’s Fantasy World

Little Disney Characters all over the place!

There’s that ever evasive Aladdin! Make sure you look for him!

And finally, the Omotesando Hill’s Love theme.

The Mouse lovebirds

The inside of Omotesando Hills is beautifully decorated with this 10 meter tower tree and the six princess trees along the sides.

Six princess trees line either side of the stairs.

Inside the tower tree the seven princesses dance.

Header, inset images: Disney Dream News
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