From a genie in a bottle to a city at the bottom of the sea, if you’re a fan of Disney, then you’ll know the sweetest things can be found in the most unlikely places.

So it’s no surprise that Disney princess parasols are now waiting patiently for new owners down at the local 7-Eleven. On sale from the beginning of September, fans are heaping praise on the seven designs available and falling in love with all the gorgeous details from their favourite Disney films.

The umbrellas were initially released in select 7-Eleven stores in April of this year, to gauge customer interest in the series. The response was so overwhelming they decided to release them in earnest, with a number of stores in Chiba, Saitama, Tokyo and Kanagawa set to sell them from September and October. The delicate designs and dainty details make each one unique, transporting you to the world of Disney on a rainy day.

 ▼ Imagine yourself bopping up and down at the water’s surface as you walk along under the Ariel design



▼ Enjoy a visit to the Beast’s castle with Belle’s umbrella


▼ The Snow White umbrella is perfect for a walk on a snowy day



▼ Picture yourself in an exotic Arabian tent with Jasmine and Genie



▼ Take a stroll through Princess Aurora’s forest of pink



▼ Transport yourself to the stroke of midnight under this star-flecked umbrella inspired by Cinderella



▼ Visit Rapunzel in the land of towers and sky lanterns




You don’t have to choose a favourite, because at 980 yen each (US$9.33), some fans are buying the whole set. With limited stocks and the rain set to continue in Japan, we’ll need to get in quick because these won’t last for long!

Source: itmedia
Featured Image: Stay_Gold