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We missed you, Big Guy.

During its theatrical run in 2014, Disney’s Big Hero 6 had movie-goers cheering, smiling through their tears, or some combination of the two. While things got pretty dicey for hugable caretaker robot/flying mecha hero Baymax, the loveable character pulled through and made it to the ending credits ready for more adventures, even if not entirely in one piece, .

In August, we got a tantalizing glimpse at what’s next for Baymax with the news that the world and characters of Big Hero 6 will be included in video game developer Square Enix’s Disney crossover Kingdom Hearts 3, but now we’ve got something even bigger to look forward to, as Disney has announced plans for a Big Hero 6 TV series.

Set immediately after the events of the Big Hero 6 movie, the series will reunite boy genius Hiro with the rest of the titular team’s members. Much like the film, plotlines will deal with Hiro pursuing higher education and maturing as a person, and also the team’s battles to protect the city of San Fransokyo, which mixes elements of San Francisco and Tokyo, from supervillains.

▼ San Fransokyo, as seen in the Big Hero 6 movie

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So far, only a single promotional teaser image has been released for the TV series, so it’s unclear if it will keep to the CG visuals of the film or shift to a more hand-drawn-style look. Disney has revealed part of the staff, however, announcing that Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, creators of previous Disney TV hit Kim Possible, will be the show’s producers.

The Big Hero 6 TV series is slated to premiere on the Disney XD network as part of the American 2017 television season.

Source: Disney, Entertainment Weekly via Jin
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