Will you wipe up the mess or let sleeping snakes lie?

Men out there would understand when, after urinating and packing away our tools into the warm confines of our underwear, we suddenly become aware of a tiny bit of urine leaking out. Just when we thought we’d shaken out every last drop, that residual liquid hiding in the urethra oozes out and betrays us in the form of a wet spot.

But how we deal with urine seeps determines our character, much like how traits can be revealed from the way we draw stars. Or so our manly Japanese-language reporter Seiji Nakazawa would like to believe.

He has recently created his own infallible pee-sonality test, essentially linking how we face the problem of springing biological leaks to the merry men of SoraNews24. Let’s see which member — person, mind you — you resemble most!

▼ “Clean yourself up.” – Ahiru Neko

If your first instinct is to immediately wipe up the wet spot with a tissue, you’re the Ahiru Neko type. Such people possess both social common sense and a good head for intelligent discussion, achieving better than the average joe.

However, their astounding resourcefulness can also be a disadvantage, as a misstep may cause people to stereotype them and thus underestimate their true worth.

▼ “Prevention is better than cure.” – Yuichiro Wasai

Men who stuff their underwear in advance with tissue paper to stem the tide of pee would be glad to know that they resemble Yuichiro Wasai. Being prudent to the point of excessiveness, such individuals ensure that flops do not happen often, if at all. They are known to be stiff yet reliable comrades as they proceed through life with as little unforseen stimulation as possible.

Unfortunately, huge underwear bulges also frequently arouse suspicion, so be sure to take them out once in a while.

▼ “Switch back.” – Mr. Sato

Individuals who immediately pull down their underpants and switch back to urinating mode would, without a doubt, be the Mr. Sato type. They are artists who thrive on inspiration and make sound decisions on the fly.

Hardened by experience, their biggest weakness is that they rely too much on inspirations, which causes them to lose sight of the big picture. It may be wise for them to spend some time in self-reflection.

▼ “Get a new pair.” – Go Hattori

People who feel the urge to grab a new pair of underwear would bond well with Go Hattori. They are perfectionists and creators who thrust themselves into the thick of things with a single purpose in mind.

The downside is that they tend to have tunnel vision, which can be easily rectified by stepping away and re-evaluating their priorities.

▼ “Leave it.” – P.K. Sanjun

If you are inclined to just ignore that wet nozzle, then you might get along best with P.K. Sanjun. Individuals who fall under this category hate losing, and will work the hardest among all the personalities listed here to avoid failures at all cost.

As they can come across as narcissists who follow their own principles to the very end, loosening up once in a while will help keep their swollen heads in check.

▼ “Just drench it.” – Yoshio

Those who prefer drenching their entire underwear with pee to hide a tiny wet spot would most resemble Yoshio, the president and founder of SoraNews24. Surviving on a daily diet of seaweed, these people have the uncanny ability to loosen lips and charm even the most guarded of individuals.

Simpletons well endowed with luck, their overflowing charisma naturally puts them in the spotlight. They have no need for advice, other than the fact that they should frequently hone their arithmetic.

So how did you do in this quiz? Although this personality check might not be as sophisticated as the sleeping posture test, Seiji reckons that his failproof method works for both men and women out there. Just don’t ask this question on your first date.

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