Sexy Kitty

Can you tell who the character in the above picture is? She’s cosplayed, posed nude and even turned herself into various edible treats before, but once again Ms. Kitty stretches the boundaries of her professionalism, this time by turning herself into human form, and an über-hot, sexy form at that. And you’ve got to admit, she really isn’t looking too bad, to put it mildly.

Ms. Kitty, with her extremely busy past (one may even say she’s quite promiscuous as a business partner), has naturally collaborated with apparel makers before, including popular brands FOREVER 21 and Paul & Joe Sister. This time, she’s gone into business with leg wear maker MAM AVANTGARDE, resulting in this sexy, masked version of Ms. Kitty, produced from a drawing done by the company’s creative team.

MAM AVANTGARDE deals in various original and imported leg wear, with their shop located in the highly fashionable Harajuku area of Tokyo. Their wide product selection has made the shop popular with the general shopping public, not only women into “Harajuku” fashion, and they’re scheduled to open a second shop later this month in Sapporo, the main city in the northern island of Hokkaido.

This isn’t the first time MAM AVANTGARDE has collaborated with a major character franchise; they’ve also come out with stockings featuring various Disney characters in the past. Now, Ms. Kitty makes an appearance in different designs on tights and stockings both as “Sexy Kitty” and as her usual cute, wholesome self. The Sexy Kitty stockings are designed so that the drawing of our beloved Ms. Kitty as a sexy, blond hottie in a mask and bodysuit appears in just one location on the side of the wearer’s lower leg.

No one can deny that Ms. Kitty has tons of appeal, whether as an innocent looking cat caricature or as the image of a sex symbol (okay, so there are the usual complaints by internet viewers that “Sexy Kitty” doesn’t look sexy at all or looks too slutty, but that’s to be expected, isn’t it?), but unfortunately, the Sexy Kitty stockings at this time seem to be sold out on the MAM AVANTGARDE site. Other Kitty leg wear items are still available at prices of 2,520yen (about $30) for stockings and 3,150yen ($38) for tights.

So, Hello Kitty fans, if you want to keep Ms. Kitty near, this certainly is one way to be in close physical contact with her and even keep your legs warm at the same time. They’ll probably make great presents for anyone who likes Hello Kitty. And if leg wear is not your thing, not to worry, Ms. Kitty is sure to continue appearing in many other new, yet unimagined forms, so stay tuned!

Source: (Japanese) via ronsoku (Japanese)

Top Image: ronsoku
Inset Images: MAM AVANGARDE official site

▼See the actual Sexy Kitty stockings:
Sexy Kitty 2

▼A Close-up View
Sexy Kitty 3

▼And here are some of the other items featuring Miss Kitty as her usual self:
Sexy Kitty 4

Sexy Kitty 5

Sexy Kitty 6