We often like to cover the more absurd things that get put up for bid on Yahoo! Auction Japan, but this time something has come up that may be of genuine interest to either Lady Gaga or Hello Kitty fans. If you happen to be a fan of both then this is downright priceless.

Currently an extremely limited edition Hello Kitty doll is the subject of fierce bidding. This Hello Kitty is done up in fashion inspired by one of the biggest musicians in the world today, Lady Gaga.

The doll was created by long-time Sanrio Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi. Here we see Ms. Kitty sporting a blonde wig along with a white pants suit decorated with rhinestones and clamshells. She’s also wearing a pair of dangerously tall platform shoes to give her a more leggy appearance. Aside from the doll up for auction, Lady Gaga herself is the only other owner of one.

The auction is held by Tomodachi, a non-profit organization dedicated to building ties between Japan and the USA through Tohoku Earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts and cultural exchange programs. All proceeds from the dolls will go to the Tomodachi Stella Adler Performing Arts Fellowship.

During a press conference for her latest album Art Pop, Lady Gaga mentioned the auction while holding a Hello Kitty doll.

Then suddenly, the crowd went into an uproar as Lady Gaga and Hello Kitty engaged in a same-sex, inter-species, inter-reality kiss. We’ve come to expect such a controversial and salacious spectacle from Hello Kitty, but it’s truly shocking to see Lady Gaga do something so bold and daring.

As of this writing the bidding stood at 2.2 million yen (US$21,000) but is changing quickly. The auction will continue until 23 December at 10:00pm (UTC+9:00).

Source: Yahoo! Auction Japan via IT Media (Japanese)
Tomodachi: Official Website (English)
Video: YouTube – Universal Music Japan

▼ This Hello Kitty is also autographed by Lady Gaga and there’s a 50% chance it was kissed by her.