hktooth_00The Sanrio brand’s most recognized and beloved character, Hello Kitty, has been through thousands of incarnations in the past. But, one of the more recent ones has Kitty collectors and enthusiasts scratching their heads.

RocketNews24 recently reported on Hello Kitty’s (or Kitty-chan for short) break into the digital age with a new SD memory card created in her image. But in reality, Kitty-chan has now penetrated just about every world market.

She’s been through her sporty phase.

She’s helped everyone around the house.


Hello Kitty even had her rebellious teenage years as an Eva pilot.


Now it looks like she’s finally settling down into a profession. And what’s more lucrative than dentistry in Japan?

hktooth_04 … Wait.

Some fans are skeptical, though the oddly shaped chunk of cat is still strangely adorable. At the very least, it makes the whole aversion to going to the dentist thing a bit silly. If Kitty-chan is there, it can’t be all bad, right? In fact, the new tooth design is scheduled to be showcased at the Tokyo Dental Show opening next week, September 14 and 15.

Source: ToGech
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