Hello Kitty is turning 40, but her birthday is definitely not going by unnoticed. Fans in the Tokyo area are in for a treat with the Shibuya de Hello Kitty (“Hello Kitty in Shibuya”) event. In a collaboration with Shibuya department stores such as 109, Tokyu Hands and Hikarie, Hello Kitty fans will have a multitude of ways to help Hello Kitty ring in her 40th year. It’s enough to make Avril Lavigne explode.

From whoopie pies to champagne to photo events to wrestling gear, everyone’s favorite mouthless cat is making her presence known in one of Tokyo’s most popular neighborhoods. The event runs from April 24 to May 6 (depending on participant), so many people will be able to use the Golden Week holidays to check it out.

Hello Kitty is making an appearance at The Theatre Coffee in the Hikarie department store, and it looks like she got a makeover for the occasion. She’s traded in her trademark white for a sleek black—perhaps because it’s slimming and she’s getting a little self-conscious about her chubby thighs.

▼  Her bow is leopard-print because, well, she is 40, after all.


They’re offering a variety of Hello Kitty menu items, like this fruit plate with chocolate fondue. As a bonus, the mug is yours to take home when you order it!


You can also order Hello Kitty champagne!

▼ The whoopie pie is optional, but if you want an excuse to get drunk and yell “Whoopie!” it’s probably the way to go.


The apple juice comes with a souvenir keychain, which explains why it costs 1200 yen (US$11.75).


Sachiyocoleito tweets “I got the charm with Kitty sitting down. I want the sexy one where she’s looking over her shoulder, so I’ll come again. (・∀・)” 

▼  Oh, so the kitty has become a cougar! Rawr!BmBsR1NCYAELaGT

Kitty snacks are absolutely everywhere in Shibuya right now. There are Hello Kitty and My Melody mugs filled with vanilla mousse.


Hello Kitty daifuku filled with strawberry and custard cream.


Hello Kitty cakes.


Hello Kitty apple sweet potato pies.

▼ It’s been a long day, hasn’t it Kitty-chan?


And then there’s all the merchandise. Oh, so much merchandise! Let’s start with this Hello Kitty fountain pen, priced at 54,000 yen (US$528.71) at Tokyu Hands.

▼ Because every serious businessman needs some cute in his day.


They’re also selling this bento lunch bag, which they insist is very adult.

▼ When carrying this, you will take on an elegant, confident stride and definitely will not want to skip at all.


Instagram user wakaba_magic has noticed that Hello Kitty has crossed with Alice in Wonderland in this migraine-inducing Tokyu Hands display.

▼ Oh, Hello Kitty. Cozying up to the white rabbit won’t turn back the clock!

Kitty Alice

If you think Hello Kitty is only for girls, think again. New Japan Pro-Wrestling is getting in on the action with t-shirts and wrestling masks.

▼ Nyan!


Speaking of girls, meet the Kitty Girls! They are out in full force to hand out promotional fans.

▼ If they’re really serious about this, they’re wearing the official Kitty contacts.


If a Kitty Girl just won’t do, you may even get a chance to meet Hello Kitty herself.


Or hug her, if you’re so inclined.


Don’t forget to catch the Kitty Line home to cap off your tooth-rottingly sweet day of Kitties.


If you can’t be in Tokyo for the event, you can still take a YouTube tour to see the best of Shibuya de Hello Kitty. Enjoy!

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