We’ve said before that Hello Kitty doesn’t appear to be too picky about her jobs – she seems willing to take on an awfully wide range of engagements upon request. Well, we’ve recently discovered that Ms. Kitty, as we sometimes like to call her, now has an amazing new job. This time, believe it or not, her job involves being baked whole and then sold as kongari-yaki or “golden brown baked Kitty”. What will become of our beloved Kitty? Will she come out of this endeavor unscathed?

We heard eyewitness accounts that Ms. Kitty was being baked at the Sanrio souvenir shop “Hello Kitty Japan” in the newly opened shopping and entertainment facility Diver City Tokyo Plaza. Amazingly, we were told that they are baking her every day right there at the shop and selling her fresh baked.

Well, we naturally had to go and see this ourselves. One of our reporters rushed off to Diver City Tokyo Plaza, and sure enough, we found Ms. Kitty being baked whole. The shop even sported a large sign advertising the baked Kitties. We saw rows of fresh baked Ms. Kitties on display, and we just had to try them. Our reporter immediately bought a box.

When we opened the box at home, there were 20 cute little Kitties lying inside waiting to be eaten, and smelling very good too. In fact, just the smell almost made us drool in anticipation. Although there was a part of us that felt sorry for poor baked Ms. Kitty, we couldn’t resist the urge to bite into one of the Kitties. (Well, we did say “Sorry, Ms. Kitty!” before eating her.) So, how did she taste? Mmmm… soft and delicious! Ms.Kitty doesn’t disappoint.

And wait, what’s that additional delightful sweet taste? Is Ms. Kitty hiding something inside? We said “Sorry again, Ms. Kitty.” and this time we broke her body into two. Out came not blood, but chocolate cream! So, this Kitty has chocolate running through her veins. There is apparently also a version of Ms. Kitty that is filled with cream cheese as well. This is definitely a taste you could get used to. Ms. Kitty may not be choosy about her job, but even baked, she is the consummate professional and delivers the goods. Sorry, Ms. Kitty, but we love you baked too!

【Store Details】
Hello Kitty Japan
Address: 1-1-10 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo Diver City Tokyo 2F
Business Hours: 10:00 – 21:00



The store where Ms. Kitty is baked everyday


Kitty after Kitty is being baked.


See all the Kitties lying in the basket.


They look very cute lined up in a box.


The golden brown baked Kitty box


A box of 20 Kitties costs 800yen (approx. $10).


We break Ms. Kitty in half and…


…she bleeds chocolate! Yum!

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