McDonald’s has allegedly sent out a nationwide memo to all franchises regarding its employees’ use of social networks.  The memo is highly detailed regarding what types of online speech is permitted from staff.

Regulations include the prohibition of “McDonald’s bashing” on Twitter or popular internet message board 2channel (2ch), as well as other unethical (by McStandards) postings.

The following is a translation of the leaked rules.  Pay special attention to numbers 4 and 5.

1.   Any Remarks Against Morals or Society Should Not Be Made

Examples of prohibited comments:
‘Wheelchairs are gay, aren’t they?’
‘A customer that came in today was totally gross!’

2.   Please show caution to avoid careless remarks which may harm family, friends, and co-workers. This includes infringing on other people’s privacy.

Example of prohibited comment:
‘At work today, the famous celebrity ****** came in with her new boyfriend.’

3.   Social media is not private. Consider that your anonymity can be broken on the internet.

4.   Any remarks on behalf of the company are limited to a spokesperson from McDonald’s headquarters.
When you make statements about McDonald’s you may be viewed as an “official member”, so try to make it clear that your opinions are personal.

Example of prohibited comment:
‘For store support and changes to procedure, I have received inquiries from many followers. However, I’m afraid I cannot respond at this juncture due to the confidential nature of this information.’

Example of OK comment:
‘The Chicken Tatsuta sandwich is delicious! It’s my favorite burger!’

5.   Information learned through the company is restricted to McDonald’s and may not be transmitted through social media.
However, after information is released by McDonald’s, please lend your supportive comments.

Example of prohibited comment:
‘It looks like the McPork will be discontinued next March.’

Example of OK comment:
‘Oh boy, the McGratin Potato Burger comes out tomorrow!’

6.   When you leak information you may be subjected to punishment.

7.   When you release information about the food products, be careful of misinformation. It might affect people’s health.

Example of prohibited comment:
‘Filet-O-Fish has no shrimp!”
*Actually the Filet-O-Fish is cooked in the same oil as shrimp products which may make it hazardous for people with shrimp allergies.*

8.   If you see a comment by someone connected to McDonald’s please notify your boss or the Operation Resource Center. Don’t ignore it.

For the most part the rules and suggestions don’t seem so unreasonable or sound like typical corporate fare.  Giving out company information or misleading people can have serious repercussion for all involved.

Rule number 2 was possibly influenced by another incident at a hotel where a famous personality’s presence was revealed by an employee’s loose typing fingers.  Although, it’s unlikely show biz elites are popping into McDonald’s on a regular basis, it’s good to be safe.

Rules number 4 and 5, however, seem to reveal this document’s true intention.  It seems very timely to come only days after the new “Enjoy! 60 Second Service” campaign during January in which the McCrew is timed by an old-timey hourglass.

In the event of a lunch order delivered too slowly the customer receives a free sandwich.  Apparently McDonald’s hadn’t considered their cashiers and cooks not appreciating being timed by falling sand.  How would you like it if someone started timing your job all day every day.

Naturally, this largely teenage workforce did what all young adults do best: complain on the internet.  In response, McDonald’s HQ decided to borrow a tune from the thought police and issue a friendly worded gag order on their workers.

Constructive advice mixed with subtle threats like “your anonymity can be broken” help to make the medicine go down.

Luckily the youth are also well skilled in the art of disobedience which is why we are writing about this memo. So we can look forward to reading more McGripes in the days to come like “Tomorrow I can’t wait to make a Big Mac so fast that it looked like a dog crapped it out!”

To see the original memo in full, check here.

Source: GetNews via My Game News Flash, Hachima Kiko (Japanese)