The January long promotional even Enjoy! 60 Second Service at Japanese McDonald’s franchises has been making waves all over the nation’s fast food consciousness.  Although a lot of negative stories have emerged over possibly being too fast or pushing the workers too much, it’s still tempting to get into the idea of ultra-fast food.

Rival Japanese burger chain Mos Burger might be feeling the heat this month as well.  One outlet in particular released a statement written on a chalkboard in front of their store explaining the virtues their considerably slower service.

For those outside Japan, Mos Burger offers a range of foods somewhat similar to McDonald’s such as burgers and milkshakes.  However, Mos Burger is notoriously slower and more expensive than other hamburger joints and is considered by some to not even be in the realm of fast food.

On the other hand, in this writer’s opinion, Mos Burger is also the freshest and most delicious fastish food around.  As long as you are acceptant of the fact that you’ll be taking a number and waiting for your food every time, the trade-off is worth it.

With such a reputation it’s easy to understand the meaning behind this message.

“Mos Burger cannot prepare your food in 60 seconds. However, in the time we take, we don’t lose any love or taste.”

Of course not everyone stood behind Mos Burger’s slow and steady policy. According to many online comments this sign was a reminder of their own experiences waiting 5 to 10 minutes for a rice bun burger.

It all boils down to personal preferences and what matters most to diners be it speed, price, or quality.  In the end even without McDonald’s 60 seconds rule, they’re still considerably faster than Mos Burger.

Source: Himatsubushi News, twitpic