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Aichi man gets 10 months in prison for saying “I got corona” in electronics store, loses appeal

The “I was talking about the beer” defense failed.

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Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman

Many surprised by the arrests over 800 pro-weed comments in a veritable “crime of passion.”

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McDonald’s Japan Restricts What Employees Can Say on Twitter, Too Many Disgruntled 60 Second Servants?

McDonald’s has allegedly sent out a nationwide memo to all franchises regarding its employees’ use of social networks.  The memo is highly detailed regarding what types of online speech is permitted from staff.

Regulations include the prohibition of “McDonald’s bashing” on Twitter or popular internet message board 2channel (2ch), as well as other unethical (by McStandards) postings.

The following is a translation of the leaked rules.  Pay special attention to numbers 4 and 5.

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