Think back to the last time you saw an advertisement for a bus schedule.  Difficult isn’t it? Even on the off chance you have seen one before, it probably wasn’t so attention-grabbing as to stick in your memory.

It’s not like bus schedules need advertising anyway.  Either you use one or you don’t, no amount of persuading will likely change that.

Nevertheless, Tsukuba Tekken, a travel and rail association affiliated with Tsukuba University in Japan, has for years been designing quirky advertisements for their on-campus bus schedules.

Displayed in limited locations around the university, these posters have become a local legend both for their mystery and unorthodox content. So sit back and enjoy these advertisements translated into English.

I’m a little worried the makers of these posters might run into legal trouble with the claims that the bus schedules are delicious to goats and can stop bullets.

We here at RocketNews would like to emphasize that a Tsukuba transit timetable should NOT be used for armor against guns.  However, we do hear good things about the Ibaraki ones…

Source: Tsukuba Tekken via Byokan Sunday (Japanese)
Translated Posters: RocketNews24