What is it with Japan and weird cleaning devices today? No sooner have we received news of a remote-controlled “awesome mop” and driveable dustbin than these fluffy little creatures turn up intent on keeping our homes clean!

Going by the moniker Mocoro (a play on the word marimo, a round, fluffy moss ball, and korokoro the onomatopoeic word for a rolling object) these new time savers/lazifiers from Japanese home appliance company CCP are designed to roll around your room picking up dust while you put your feet up.

Costing 3,980 yen (US$40) and scheduled for a February 14 release (who said romance was dead?), these colourful creatures “from space” are available in a choice of three colours: pink, orange and green.

mocoro 2

After inserting three AAA batteries, the white motor-operated inner-ball is then slipped inside its fuzzy fibre mop case. Flick the switch and it’ll be on its way, rolling around your room picking up dust for the next 15 minutes.

Thanks to its small size, the Mocoro can fit into tight spaces, eradicating those dust-bunny burrows under your bed and even slipped beneath most sofas. After it has finished zipping about the place and crashing into things, the unit comes to a halt whereupon the collected dust can be removed from the ball’s cover, readying it for another day on patrol. Replacement covers cost 580 yen each.

mocoro colours

We’ve yet to see these little guys in action, but we have to admit that they’re kind of cute. And if it means our floors stay fractionally less filthy for even a day or two longer, we might just consider picking one up. Or better yet, a whole swarm of them! Imagine how trippy it would look having a few hundred of these little guys zipping around the office all at once, like a giant, moving carpet…

Source: Yahoo! Japan News Images via Livedoor News