Although it’s hard to tell just by looking at them, people in Japan love fried food. As delicious as food fried in oil is, it’s high in calories and cholesterol, flammable, and messy. But thanks to the recent development of air fryers, we can now get crispy French fries without the greasy baggage that comes along with it.

From 20 April, Ashikaga-based appliance manufacturer TMY will release its own version of oil-free fryer, named Air Fryer, across the country.

The Air Fryer works by rapidly circulating hot air around the food and cooks it in a similar fashion to oil. It can handle all the typical fried foods like French fries, fish, pork, chicken, and more.

Without using oil it’s easy to clean, the food is healthier, and it’s safe enough for a child to use.

After 20 April it can be bought directly from TMY or one of many department stores or home centers all over Japan. The suggested retail price is 29,800 yen (US$322).

Until now residents of Japan had to import the Airfryer from Philips. While the price was similar and according to customer reviews the cooking results were good, Japanese users had headaches with the voltage conversion from the UK product.

The retail price is kind of steep at the moment but, as with most new appliances, it should drop considerably once it becomes popular.

I can’t wait for this. Finally, a healthy way for me to fry my Oreos!

Source: TMY (Dreamnews) via Sales Promotion Goods News (Japanese)