“All Asians look the same.” Whether or not you agree with this incredibly broad statement, you’ve no doubt heard it before. Now, thanks to a website called All Look Same, you can test your ability to differentiate between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese faces, turning the statement into a question: “Do all Asians look the same to you?”

The test consists of 18 head shots of either Japanese, Korean, or Chinese people. The test taker’s job is to choose what ethnicity they think each man or woman is. At the end of the test, users are given their score and shown the correct answers.

For those who are uncomfortable with this test, All Look Same has seven other tests for you to try in categories including traditional architecture, food, modern art, and urban scenery.

For critics of the test, All Look Same offers this reminder: “We are not here to make a statement; it’s a question. Good luck and enjoy.”

What are your thoughts? Are you offended by the test? Let us know in the comments section below.

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