Asian foreigners give their thoughts on what life is like being Asian in Japan

Much has been written about the experience of being a Western-looking foreigner in Japan. But what is the situation like for foreigners of Asian backgrounds?

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“Eyes are closed”: Asian man’s passport photo denied

A Taiwanese-born New Zealander has had his passport photo rejected by his own government due to “closed eyes”.

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An Asian woman’s reaction to Asian women’s relationship advice

Just over a month ago, the official site for one sensational English tabloid released an article titled Asian Women Reveal Secrets to Keeping a Man Happy. In no time at all, the page racked up 3,900 Facebook likes and more than 600 comments for its glorified insights.

When a reporter from our Japanese sister site Pouch, Yamakawa Hotaru, caught wind of the article and gave it a read, she expected to find words that she could relate to, being an Asian woman herself. However, even she was put in her place by the rules described. Before exploring to her full reaction, let’s take a look at what the original article had to say about building satisfying relationships.

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Do All Asians Look the Same to You? Take the Test!

“All Asians look the same.” Whether or not you agree with this incredibly broad statement, you’ve no doubt heard it before. Now, thanks to a website called All Look Same, you can test your ability to differentiate between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese faces, turning the statement into a question: “Do all Asians look the same to you?”

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