The Pokémon Center recruiting page has a few questions for you to help determine if you’re more of a Pikachu or a Magikarp.

Just like any company, the Pokémon Center specialty shop chain in Japan has to hire workers. But as you might expect, such a unique company has a unique philosophy about human resources.

On its recruitment page, Pokémon Center Co. Ltd. Says “There are currently over 800 species of Pokémon. All of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but they all get along with each other,” and that’s the attitude the company has about its employees too.

So to help prospective employees better understand their own personalities, the company’s recruiting website has a new personality test, called “That’s Why We Choose You,” that tells you which species of Pokémon your personality lines up with. On the downside, the quiz is in Japanese, and attempts to auto-translate it into English haven’t gone so well…

… but that’s why we’re here to translate it for you, walk you through the test, and help you understand the results! You can begin the 16-question test by clicking here, which will present you with the first question/answer screen.

Those four blue boxes are the answer choices, and they’re the same for each question. The top left is “Yes,” the top right is “No,” the bottom left is “Sort of yes,” and the bottom right is “Sort of no.” Once you click your answer, you’ll be automatically taken to the next question, and here’s what all 16 are in English.

1. Do you like looking at data and numbers?
2. If you’re going to do something, do you do a lot of preparation ahead of time?
3. Do you get irritated by people with a laid-back attitude?
4. Do you like thinking deeply about things?
5. Do you take action instead of spending a long time thinking first?
6. If you’re talking about something, do you start by saying your conclusion?
7. Do people often say you’re cold or unfriendly?
8. Do you hate doing useless, ineffective things?
9. Are you a passive-minded person?
10. Can you do anything, if it’s for the sake of others?
11. Do people often say you’re kind?
12. Do you always try to consider what the people around you are feeling before you take action?
13. Do you take the initiative to have active conversations with people you’re meeting for the first time?
14. Without realizing it, do you become the center of attention in conversations?
15. Do people often say you’re cheerful?
16. Do your emotions easily show in your facial expression?

Once you answer Question 16, you’ll be taken to the results screen, which tells you which Pokémon you’re the most similar too and gives you a quick summary of your personality. So far, we’ve been able to uncover 20 different possible results, so let’s dive into them!


“You’re intellectual and analytical! Because you’re intelligent, maybe people see you as low-key too.”


“You do things with incredible speed! But a little more planning before you get started might not hurt.”


“You’re kindhearted and can’t abandon people who’re in a pinch! Everyone feels better after talking with you.”


“Deep-down, you’ve got a burning passion! And maybe you expect other people to get just as fired up as you.”


“You’re lovely and loved! You’re probably great at creating a fun atmosphere.”


“You’re determined to see your convictions through! Don’t forget to pop you head up and check in with everyone else now and again!”


“You’re flexible, and able to match up with your partners! Don’t lose your sense of self, though!”


“You’re generally friendly and easy-going. But when you do get mad, maybe you get really mad.”


“You’re full of possibilities! You can probably thrive in any environment.”


“You enjoy using your explosive energy! Just be careful not to get too heated up, OK?”


“In the right environment, there’s no telling how high you’ll rise! So maybe you’ll be a great help when you’re working in a team.”


“You combine intelligence and compassion! You’ll probably be great at helping out others when they’re in trouble.”


“You’re proactive and results-driven! But don’t forget that other people might not be able to match your pace!”


“You’re a late-bloomer, but that’s OK. One day, you’ll transform into someone incredible!”


“You really enjoy the things you’re passionate about! Just make sure your capricious nature doesn’t backfire on you.”


“You can handle any task! There aren’t a lot of people who can handle projects like you can.”


“When people get together, you give the group an energizing charge. You’ll probably be good at working as part of a team!”


“You like to make decisions based on logical analysis! But maybe it’d be OK to act on your emotions sometimes too.”


“Do you realize how talented you are? It might give you a headache, but think about it!”


“You do things at your own pace, and that’s often a hassle. But when you get serious, you might be amazing.”

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to answer the quiz for ourselves, and maybe also ask Pikachu to take it too, seeing as how he’s now our pal since he stopped by the SoranNews24 office to hang out the other day.

Top image: Pokémon Center Co. Ltd.
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