Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt1

To most men, nothing is sexier than a cute girl in a miniskirt. However, for most girls, few things are more irritating than constantly having to pull down that miniskirt that keeps riding up after every stride, and constantly having to make sure your lady parts aren’t on show for the world to see.

Our male reporter, Hatopon, who is no stranger to crossdressing, tried on a miniskirt to see what it’s like. The following is a list of the things he realized after wearing a miniskirt for the first (but probably not last) time in his life.


#1: It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all

The moment I anxiously slipped on the miniskirt, I couldn’t help but think, “What the heck?!” It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. The lower half of my body couldn’t get used to it. My legs were shivering as cool air freely circulated around the skirt. When I closed my eyes, it felt like nothing was covering my lower half and I felt so exposed and vulnerable. I now have a lot of respect for women who wear miniskirts.

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt2

#2: Your underwear is easily exposed

Another thing I was surprised about (though it’s probably really obvious to some) is that your underwear is clearly visible as soon as you do anything in a miniskirt. Whenever you crouch down, sit, or straddle something, your miniskirt puts out an “underwear advisory” announcing to everyone the status of your unmentionables. It would be nice if there were a warning to say your underwear is about to be exposed, but it’s more like, “BAM! UNDERPANTS!” To be more specific, I was riding in the passenger seat of a taxi and I looked down to see my completely exposed crotch. Eeeek!

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt3

#3: Don’t even think about bending down

Forget about bending down to pick up something or even crouching. After bending down, I freaked out, exclaiming, “Gah, you definitely saw my butt, didn’t you!” but when I asked the people around me, they replied, “Nope, we couldn’t see it, but just barely.” More instances like this happened and all the while I was thinking, “You can see my underwear, right? It’s totally showing! Nobody look!!!” But upon further inspection, my underwear was just barely covered. Jeez, wearing a miniskirt is risky business!

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt4

#4: I understand why girls always cover their butts with their handbag

I always see girls riding up the escalator or climbing the stairs holding their bags over their behinds. There was a time when I would have recklessly exclaimed, “Stop wearing miniskirts if you’re gonna cover them up!” but now that I’ve actually experienced wearing one for myself, I understand the feeling of wanting to cover up at times.

Any way you slice it, you’ll be able to see up a miniskirt at some point. There seem to be girls who don’t mind showing off their underwear in public, but I’m not one of them… I’m also a guy… Anyways, from now on I’ll try my best not to look up girls’ skirts.

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt5

#5: It’s too easy for people to see your underwear

Sorry to be talking about underwear throughout the entire post, but I was just so surprised at how many times your underwear could be exposed while wearing a miniskirt. When getting out of a car, sitting on the ground, doing anything really, you always have to be aware of the risk of flashing people. It took so much effort to be on constant watch, making sure no one was looking, making sure I was covered up. I was so tired from all that worry and alertness.

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt6

#6: Your movement is severely limited

Today I wore an outfit similar to the one an office lady might wear. It was a fairly tight miniskirt, but it was crazy hard to move in. I couldn’t run, and forget about trying to leap over a fence, there’s no way that was happening. If I had worn a miniskirt made of softer, looser-fitting material, my mobility would have been greatly improved, but the risk of flashing people would also increase. Either way, my mobility would have been restricted no matter what type of miniskirt I wore.

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt7

#7: But even after all that… I still want to wear a miniskirt

I now understand what a risky piece of clothing miniskirts can be. But I still want to wear them! I want to show off my nice legs.

When I decided to wear a miniskirt, I didn’t want you all to look at my underwear, but instead I wanted you to look at me as the guy who wore a miniskirt. I think it’s important to take a walk in women’s shoes sometimes (or in this case, miniskirt) because it’s important to understand where they’re coming from. Hmm, what kind of clothing should I try and wear next?

Seven Things Our Male Reporter Realized After Wearing a Miniskirt8
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