A new service is gaining popularity among Chinese gamers. For the small fee of 15 yuan an hour (about US$2.40), you can play your favorite online game with a beautiful woman. Strait News reports that male game fans are calling it “good news.”

Tai is a third-year university student in Fuqing, Fujian Province. She works at a company that provides this service. The company employs eight people in total; five men and three women. Their main business is to play along with their clients on team strategy games like DotA Allstars and the wildly popular online game League of Legends, which now has over 3 million active accounts.

According to Tai, their customers can choose from an extremely skilled player from their staff, referred to as god-class, or one of the ladies, referred to as MM-class. MM is Chinese internet slang for mèimèi, meaning pretty girl, little sister or (gasp) possibly also vagina. Classy!

By choosing a god-class staff, the customer can get help clearing particular barriers or leveling up their character. By choosing an MM-class staff, the customer gets someone fun to play with who can keep them from getting burnt out.

Tai says by playing one to four hours a night, she can earn around 2,000 yuan a month (around $320). Definitely not a bad way to make some money, especially if you like gaming anyway.

Source: Record China