I’m sure there are many of you who like to bake your own bread. (I, unfortunately, lack the culinary skills to do so and have to resort to store-bought goods.) But bread doesn’t always turn out the way you intended, does it? It certainly didn’t when Twitter user korpi baked a batch of what was supposed to be harmless, wholesome cheese bread, and the pictures she shared on her account have apparently caught the attention of Japanese Internet users — with their shock value. But what could be so alarming about some pieces of bread?

Well, it turns out bread can be plenty shocking after all, as you can see for yourself in these pictures.


Vomiting, faces of pure oven-baked evil.

In her comments that were posted along with the photos, korpi explains, “I’ve recently been into baking my own bread using one of those handy bread-making machines, and I wanted something more interesting than plain bread, so I tried using cheese to draw faces on the bread … with horrifying results. I totally lost my appetite.” Yup, we can see how that might happen.

People certainly have been talking about korpi’s creations, her Twitter post having been retweeted over 31,000 times in a little under three days. The photos have been both scaring and amusing Internet users into posting comments like “Eeeeeeeeeek!“, “The creepiness kind of gradually gets to you after a while,” and “It makes you feel like you’ll be cursed.”

Quite a few people have even mentioned that the bread looks uncannily like a “behelit“, a bizarre fictional oval object with human facial features that appears in the popular fantasy manga Berserk.

Whatever the bread resemble, there’s no denying they have, shall we say, a unique look about them.

On second thought, though, freaky bread may not be as unusual as you might think, if this past story of ours is anything to go by. Actually, after seeing these pictures, I think I might just stick to simple white bread for a while — a bit plain, maybe, but certainly nothing that will leave me with disturbing images!

Source: My Game News Flash, Twitter