Just as KFC’s Kentucky Chicken Rice and other mega size deals appeared to put Japan on a slippery trans-fat laden slope to rampant morbid obesity, Japanese burger chain Mos Burger has stepped up and offered their own line of bunless burgers.

This time, rather than a pair of fluffy golden meat holders, your favorite Mos Burger sandwich will be nestled in the leafy green goodness of a wad of lettuce.

Starting 23 April, the Mos Natsumi line of leafy sandwiches will be headlined by the Mos Vegetable with Sauce Aurore for 320 yen (US$3). It’s a beef patty topped with tomato and aurora sauce, which is a very creamy French sauce reddened to a nice pink with tomato.

However, if you’re not into classy sauces and just want one of your favorite Mos Burger burgers with the lettuce treatment, that’s okay too!

Mos Vegetable Teriyaki Chicken – 320 yen (US$3)
Mos Vegetable Fish – 300 yen (US$3)
Mos Vegetable Fried Shrimp – 350 yen (US$3)
Mos Vegetable Fried Pork – 340 yen (US$3)
Mos Vegetable Chicken – 280 yen (US$3)

Online reaction to the announcement was mixed ranging from comments such as “Hahahaaaa!!!” and “caterpillars would love that meal” to “looks delicious.”

Others who have eaten such a burger before also commented they were delicious but as long as you don’t get take out. The crispiness of the lettuce fades quickly under the heat and juices of the meat, it seems.

Nevertheless it’s good to see a fast food restaurant take the nation one small step back from a type-2 diabetes epidemic.

Source: Mos Burger via Vipper Sokuhou (Japanese)