Remember Espressoda? Neither did we until a recent news release from Suntory reminded us.

Suntory’s innovative carbonated coffee drink hit the market under a year ago, and a quick search around town by yours truly revealed that, at time of writing, convenience stores are no longer carrying the item, ostensibly suggesting it was a commercial flop.

That leaves Suntory sitting on US$72.5 million worth of coffee carbonating technology, so the company is giving the “sparkling coffee” deal another go with the new “Black Sparkling” bottled coffee, this time under the company’s long-running and lucrative Boss Coffee label.


In our opinion, only two positive things could possibly come out of this new product: The ability to produce a righteous, room-clearing coffee belch, and the chance to see Tommy Lee Jones back in Tokyo to shuck another Boss Coffee product. Ah, but we dream…

Black Sparkling will retail for 140 yen (US$1.40) per 330 ml bottle starting June 4.

Source: IT Media

Video via YouTube Oyatsucafe