Nandan County, Guangxhi, China. A girl in her sixth grade of elementary school, making her under 13 years old, has been found guilty of murdering her classmate out of jealousy, and chopping up her body. The reason for this brutality: “because she was prettier than me”.

In the shocking incident, motivated by jealousy, the girl hacked up her dead classmate’s body, carrying off the head and arms in a bag. The Hechi City intermediate people’s court has charged the girl with murder with intent. However, the law has been unable to pursue criminal liability due to her being under 14 years of age. She has instead been sentenced to three years RTL (Re-education Through Labour) and ordered to pay a compensation sum of 108,000 yuan ($17,585).

Seems to me she’s getting off pretty lightly…

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Top image: Public Domain Pictures