Japan’s latest tourism offering looks set to capture the attention of both sightseers and locals seeking a spot of adventure. From the Japanese company that embarked on such enterprises as the open air double-decker bus comes the “land and water bus”. The development of the vehicle is part of a new Tokyo sightseeing strategy undertaken by Japanese automobile company “Hinomaru Bus”. The service, dubbed “Sky Duck Tokyo Splash Tour”, launched on March 2013 and has been fully booked since its first day of operation.

When reserving a seat on the “land and water bus”, it is possible to choose from two different courses. One is the “Tokyo Sky Three Course”, the other the “Kameido Course”. The course that we’re mainly going to focus on here is the The Tokyo Sky Three Course for the reason that on May 22 2013, Japan’s famous landmark Tokyo Sky Three will celebrate its one year anniversary. Time really does fly!

The Tokyo Sky Three Course not only allows visitors to appreciate the Sky Three landmark tower while taking in the fresh open air but also to visit areas rich in Japanese history and culture. For example you’re taken on a trip to Funabashiya Honten or Kameido Tenjin, two places famous for the Japanese sweet “kuzumochi” (a pudding-like cake). There’s also a shopping district which offers a variety of yesteryear delicacies.

Progressing further down town, there’s a plethora of places that show off Japan’s rich culture. A unique part of the tour comes with passing through the gigantic multi-unit apartments–known as “kyodai danchi”–that are home to over 480,000 Japanese citizens in the Koto Ward, Tokyo. These large buildings are truly something to behold.

Finally, by far the most exhilarating part of the trip comes when the bus makes the transition from land to water, a process nicknamed “splash point”. Just as the bus approaches the point of entry to the water, passengers are encouraged to shout “splash” at the top of their lungs. Sightseers know they’re not going to sink, but the thrill of entering into the water carries the same intensity and excitement as an amusement park attraction. If you’re lucky enough, while the vehicle you’re riding stops for a break above the water, you might encounter another bus coming from a different route as it makes its entry into the water, giving you an action replay of sorts.

This tour is actually the first time that areas like Kameito, Kinshichou, and Ooshima have been part of a sight-seeing tour. A Hinomaru Bus spokesperson comments:

“Up until now there have been various tours that focus on well-known places such as Asakusa or Ueno but by introducing areas that tourists don’t often get a chance to see, it is possible to give sightseers a real feel for everyday Japanese life and the landscape of the town.”

Like most sightseeing tours, there is also an on-board tour guide full with useful information about the landmarks you’re about to pass. Anyone thinking about taking some time off and visiting Japan really out to give this unique tour a try!

Source: Walker Plus, YouTube