Becoming obsessed with The Legend of Zelda after getting it as a birthday present at the age of six, one fan has found a way to bring items from the game into the real world.

How, you ask with images of magical blacksmiths dancing in your head. Simple: 3-D printing!

This fan, who documents the creations at the incredible blog Hyrule Founder, recreated the 8-bit items as 3-D, digital models and printed them with a high-quality 3-D printer.

Recalling childhood dreams of one day actually owning the items collected throughout the game, the fan sat down and started click, click, clicking away on the computer, redesigning them with startling accuracy. Spending days on the project, taking breaks only to replay the classic games for motivation, this fan has created some of the most awesome and gorgeous 3-D-printer art ever. To look at them, you’d swear they’d literally fallen out of the TV screen.

And if your brain is now spinning madly trying to figure out how to reproduce these amazing results, you can just sit back and relax! The creator is offering the items for sale, so you too can get your hands on Link’s sweet swords, potions, maps, and more. Unfortunately, though, they probably won’t help you fend off any enemies since they’re all miniature versions. The shield is just slightly larger than a US quarter!



If you’re ready to purchase, a complete set will put you back US$320, though smaller sets and individual pieces are also available. Check out more pictures below!

Source: Inside Games, Hyrule Foundry


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