A new brand of curry has recently appeared in Japan that’s entirely inappropriate for minors, or at least that’s the way it’s being marketed–we haven’t seen this many mature content labels grouped together since we last sent a reporter to the adult video store. The otherwise nondescript packaging is absolutely covered with R18 warnings in print both large and small, and in case that isn’t enough to tempt frighten underage eaters, the curry’s makers have even slapped a sticker in the corner that reads “for adults only.” Naturally, we were wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so we called in our most adult-minded taste tester to try it out.

Don’t worry. While the contents of the curry are too hot for children, we’ve censored the summary so that it’s entirely safe for work.

Before breaking the seal on this adult-oriented curry, our RocketNews24 representative took a closer look at the warnings on the reverse side of the box. What he found was less a ban on underage consumption and more a well intended plea: “This curry is incredibly spicy. Please do not eat it if you are under the age of 18.” Apparently, to say that the dish is too hot for kids is something to be taken literally, not metaphorically. But in that case, wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that this curry is not recommended for anyone who has a problem with spicy foods, rather than put an age limit on it?

▼ Too spicy for kids!


When our tester opened up the box, he found that the plastic packet of rue was also plastered with numerous R18 labels. The company is really quite adamant about this age restriction thing. Then again, the promise of adult-only curry is the thing that got us interested in the first place. Nevertheless, after all of this hype, our taste tester was going to be very disappointed if the curry was anything less than “too hot for human consumption.”

The instructions said to place the packet in boiling water for five to seven minutes before serving. Our brave man did so and poured the hot rue over a bed of hot white rice, though he couldn’t tell from the smell of the curry alone whether it was genuinely spicy or not. Increasingly dubious of all the warnings and claims, he took a large bite of the dish… and was immediately disappointed. The flavor was not, as he had been led to believe, too spicy; especially not compared to all of the hype. However, as he held the curry in his mouth and tested the balance of other flavors on his tongue, the spice began to build.

▼ Dark rue, spread out over a bed of rice, just begging to be eaten.


Basically, while the initial bite isn’t all that bad, the aftertaste that accompanies this curry is absolutely scorching! And, it’s the kind of heat that lingers. Within seconds, our taster was a whimpering mess, begging the bowl for forgiveness at having ever doubted its well-warned hotness. Luckily, our man is a masochist, so he seemed to enjoy letting that dominatrix of a curry dish whip his taste buds raw. This dish is definitely something that could be eaten by kids and young adults, but those warning labels are there for a reason–you’ll be dealing with tears and maybe even a little retching if you’re not careful!

If you’re a big fan of spicy foods, we definitely recommend finding a package of R18 curry and setting yourself up for a hot meal, in all senses of the word.

Reference: R18 Curry on Amazon Japan
Pictures: RocketNews24


▼ For adults only.


▼ The red stamp in the corner reads “Painfully Hot.”


▼ In case any minors ignored the box’s age restrictions, it’s on the inside packet as well.


▼ And again just above the tear line on the package.



▼ Japan prefers rice with their curry. In contrast to the packaging, it looks rather plain, but don’t let that fool you…


▼ Is that a dried chili pepper in there?! Spicy!!

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