It’s a problem all professionals have to face. You’re meeting a client out of town but after an extended period in your vehicle of choice, your collar’s flattened, pants are saggy, and your tie is crinkled making you look like some kind of hungover 1950s gumshoe.

I used to avoid losing valuable creases in my clothing by travelling naked. However, after my second suspended sentence I was thrilled when my parole officer recommended the Portable Trouser Press to me. It’s fantastic!

This handy little device can be bought online through sites like e-supply for 980 yen (US$9.60) which is a small price to pay for crisp looking outfits anytime you want. Its small size fits in an average shirt pocket and lets you handle any parts of clothing you need like collars, pleated skirts, and ties, straightening them out in seconds.

You might think that the small size would be dangerous for the most important pants crease–what if you’re in a hurry or just plain uncoordinated and you wind up with a pair of zigzags running down your leg!?

But worry not! The cap slides off and becomes a clip to ensure your crease is straight all the way up, letting you iron in the blink of an eye.

The Portable Trouser Press runs on either AA batteries or juice via USB cable for all your pressing matters. So, don’t risk having to do 200 hours of community service like me; keep your clothes on and carry one of these bad boys with you next time you hit the road.

Original Article by Anji Tabata
Source: esupply (Japanese)

▼Pocket-sized so you can take it anywhere and stay sharp

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