Tired of buying spicy cod roe that’s just not how you like it? Customize it with this new DIY kit

Spice up your mentaiko exactly how you want it!

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Pikachu-flavor potato snacks pack two different kinds of Thunder Punch【Taste test】

Karamucho! Pokémon chooses you for a collab!

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Domino’s adds ghost pepper to Halloween Roulette Pizza in Japan

Pick your slice carefully — one of them is spiked with one of the hottest chillies in the world. 

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Domino’s Pizza now sells Tsundere Pizzas in Japan, wants to both hurt and please you

”Ba-…baka! It’s not like Domino’s bakes these specifically for anime fans or anything!” …oh, wait, they do.

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Super-spicy Tokyo ramen served in a 572-degree Fahrenheit bowl? Yep, we’ll eat that!【Taste test】

Our resident spice fiend puts his tongue to the test in Tokyo’s most competitive ramen neighborhood!

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Cup Noodle vs 7-Eleven! We test their new scorching instant ramen cups to see who beats at heat

Between Cup Noodle’s Mega Spicy Miso and 7-Eleven’s Mongolia Tanmen Nakamoto Hokkyoku BLACK, which one left our tongues more of a spicy, shriveled wasteland?

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Taste-testing Tokyo’s 100-times spicy, and sweatiest, udon noodles【Photos, video】

Noodles are so hot you have to get a special permission ticket before ordering them.

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We try out super spicy “Raging Fire Wasabi” rice crackers that allegedly cause “pain” and “death”

A very dramatic sales pitch convinced Mr. Sato to make everyone in the office try them.

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McDonald’s Japan’s new spicy McNuggets promise to punch you in the face with spiciness

”Extra-extra spicy” and “extra-extra kind” dipping sauces also unveiled.

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Cup Noodle Championship: Which convenience store tantanmen is the most delicious?

Meg ranks four new broth-less, Szechuan-style cup noodle bowls to find out which ones will have the best taste of China.

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Did the world’s happiest country also create the world’s spiciest food? We find out in Tokyo

We try Bhutan’s fiery national dish at an off-the-beaten-track restaurant in Tokyo.

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We shoot for stardom with Japanese restaurant’s 1,300-times-spicier-than-usual curry

Join us for the latest installment of our no-holds-barred reporter biting off more than he can chew (literally, in this case). 

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McDonald’s unveils latest Black Burger – the Spicy Korean Burger 【Video】

Hot and spicy enough to distract you from the off-putting blackness of the bun and cure bland food Malay-se?

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Japan has a chicken sandwich with hot sauce so spicy you have to sign a consent form to eat it

Lotteria, the craziest fast food chain in Japan, ups the insanity with its new ghost pepper sauce sandwich.

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Can fresh lemon neutralize spicy curry and ramen? RocketNews24 investigates! 【RocketScience】

We’re eating spicy curry and instant ramen then chompin’ on lemons, for science!

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Spicy Japanese potato snack Kara Mucho is now 800% spicier

Blast your taste buds to hell and back this summer with extreme spicy Japanese snacks.

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Feeling frosty? Why not add some chili to your hot chocolate for a spicy pick-me-up!

Here in Japan, there’s a ton of stuff you can use to warm yourself up against winter’s chill, including thermal undies, hot baths infused with ginger, and pocket warmers or kairo, which you can stick all over your body. But as well as applying heat to the outside, it’s also important to make sure you warm up your insides, and one way to do this is by consuming warming foodstuffs like hot soup and hot drinks.

This winter, the major craze is to slurp down a cup of hot chocolate with actual chili peppers floating in it! Check out these Twitter testimonials to find out what’s so great about this unusual beverage!

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We try to improve the taste of Tabasco jelly beans by putting them on pizza

Tabasco, with its spicy and tangy flavors, is a popular condiment to put on pizza or pasta in Japan. The writers in our Japanese office love the hot sauce brand so much that they jumped at the chance to taste them in bean form…jelly bean form. That’s right, the Jelly Belly Factory has created Tabasco flavored jelly beans and they’re available in Japan!

But unfortunately, the flavor of Tabasco jelly beans can be summed up in one word: disgusting. At least that’s what our reporter told us after biting into one. He claimed that the flavor was just too close to the original, making for a terrible candy…which got us thinking. If Tabasco Jelly Beans taste too much like the real thing, maybe they’d taste delicious if used as a condiment…on pizza. And so our taste test experiment began.

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Finally! Street Fighter II’s Dhalsim shares his favorite curry with the world!

Nothing beats a tiring day more than a home cooked meal after fighting the best and the strongest at the World Warrior tournament. The characters of Street Fighter II all need that crucial pick me up and no one gets it better than Dhalsim! His wife, Sally, is always there to supply him with the best homemade curry in the Street Fighter world! His yoga would never be as strong without a bowl of spicy goodness.

Now is your chance to obtain yoga powers in the same way Dhalsim originally did, with curry! From GEEK LIFE, comes Dhalsim’s Home Curry, a perfectly replicated home cooked curry, right down to that special touch from Sally!

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Mr. Sato tries top secret rated-R fried chicken from popular Japanese convenience store

As we’ve declared before, convenience stores are one of the many things Japan gets awesomely right. And out of all the conbini in Japan, one of the greatest things housed within the walls of popular convenience store, Lawson, isn’t found on the shelves, but nestled safely behind the counter. Yes, their perfectly plump, consummately crispy fried chicken dubbed “Karaage-kun” costs a mere 210 yen (US$2.05) for hot, salty bliss. With a heart full of love for Karaage-kun, we could barely contain our jealousy upon learning that Mr. Sato, the most…unique reporter from our Japanese site, was invited to the Lawson headquarters to try out their new grilled Hokkaido corn-flavored Karaage-kun.

And so Mr. Sato marched down to crispy chicken HQ, still rocking his post-apocalyptic haircut, to try our most favorite convenience store snack. Little did he (or we) know that he would also be presented with an ultra-top-secret fried chicken unfit to be consumed by children younger than 15 years of age.

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