Japanese fast food chain assures us that spicy thickshakes are awesome…but are they really? 

Since March 16, Mos Burger has been running a special curry campaign in Japan, selling packets of spice called “Curry no Ongaeshi“, which literally translates to “Return the Favour Curry“.

Created in collaboration with Hobonichi — a company that started as a daily blog-style website in 1996 and today produces hugely popular Hobonichi diaries — these spice packets are designed to be sprinkled on all sorts of menu items at Mos Burger, ranging from fries to burgers and even salads.

Earlier this month, though, Mos Burger sent out a tweet on their official account to let people know their curry packs can be used to spice up their milkshakes as well.

We immediately knew this was something we had to try, so we headed down to our nearest Mos Burger branch and picked up one of the curry packs, which retail for 70 yen (US$0.65) each.

On the back of the pack, there was a list of ingredients for the spice mix: cardamon, cumin, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, pink pepper, cloves, capsicum, laurel, fennel, fenugreek, and lemongrass.

Opening the pack released the delicious fragrance of spices. It looked like curry and smelt like it too, and while we love curry at any time of the day or night, we couldn’t quite imagine what it would taste like in a milkshake.

▼ So we sprinkled the curry onto the shake…

▼ Making sure to empty the entire packet for maximum spiciness.

The fact that it looked like cinnamon made us think this crazy experiment might just work. Could it make the drink taste like a spicy chai tea?

As we mixed it into the drink, though, the curry aroma reminded us that we were about to treat, or maybe torture, our taste buds to a curry-flavoured milkshake.

Once everything had been mixed in thoroughly, we closed our eyes and took a sip. Immediately, we knew why curry milkshakes aren’t — and shouldn’t be — a thing.

▼ The spice packet totally wiped out the sweet, milky flavours and replaced it with the taste of curry.

There was no spicy heat, and rather than blending into the drink to create a smooth, balanced combination of flavours, the spice mix took over everything, leaving us with the feeling that we were simply drinking curry.

We’re not sure why Mos Burger was singing the praises of a curry milkshake, as the spice packet tastes perfectly wonderful when sprinkled on burgers, fries and salads. Maybe they just wanted to fool us all into trying it, which isn’t hard in our case, as we’ll try everything from meals made with dirt to bananas with edible skins.

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