For today’s random trivia, we try to catch a rare and elusive special koala from Lotte’s delicious Koala’s March snacks.

It may sound bizarre, but it seems like little koalas with appendicitis have been popping up in packs of Koala’s March cookies!

We bought a few packs of the popular cookies for ourselves, purely for research purposes of course, to see if we could substantiate this strange rumor. And just to make sure there was no chance we missed him, we decided it would definitely be safer to buy seven packs. The biscuits are all shaped like koalas looking cute in various outfits and poses.

And would you believe it?! After emptying all the koalas out onto a plate, the very first one we got a hold of was the Appendicitis Koala! Crazy coincidences do happen! We felt almost cheated that it was this easy to find one.

Anyway, after we’d calmed down, we took a good look at the little guy. There it was, on his lower stomach on the right hand side – a small cross-shaped scar. And the poor little fellow looks as though he’s crying.

We’ve heard that it’s not actually appendicitis, and is just a regular scrape, but that’s not stopped him becoming famous as the Appendicitis Koala!

He looks so sad I wished I could give him a hug. But, being a cookie, I decided the only solution was to eat him up as fast as possible to put him put of his misery. I’m just kind like that.

Have any of our readers encountered the Appendicitis Koala?

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▼ The eye-catching Koala’s March packaging.


▼ One pack…


▼ More…


▼ Even more…


▼ Om nom nom!!


▼ Where could he be hiding..?


▼ There he is!



▼ Poor little guy :(


▼ It’s always good to be prepared!


Not shown here: a koala massacre *munch munch*