Look out, Cookie Monster — Elmo’s “favourite” wasabi is about to blow you away.

Krispy Kreme has been keeping us on our toes recently with a number of surprising doughnut creations, and it looks like the fun is far from over, because the chain has now announced it’ll be releasing a collection of Sesame Street doughnuts for a limited time.

If that news sounds familiar, you might recall Krispy Kreme Japan previously released a lineup of Sesame Street doughnuts in 2019, featuring star characters Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. This time around, however, the range will only feature two of those famous faces:

Cookie Monster, who looks pretty much identical to the way he looked as a doughnut four years ago…

▼…and Elmo, who previously appeared as a sprinkle-topped cream-filled doughnut, but is now a smooth, coated ring.

Elmo, whose voice you can almost hear with its open-holed “mouth”, is coated in a sweet yet tart strawberry icing, with white and bitter chocolate eyes and a dollop of orange sauce for his nose. The Cookie Cream & Cookie Monster, as the Cookie Monster doughnut is officially known, consists of a Ghanaian cacao-blended chocolate doughnut topped with vanilla cream, sprinkles, and a chocolate chip cookie, which looks like it’s been popped into the cookie-loving monster’s mouth.

▼ Cookie Monster’s love for cookies is given another special place in the collection with the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut.


This delightful sweet is designed to look like a thick chocolate chip cookie, with plenty of bittersweet cocoa biscuit pieces and chocolate chips covering a caramel-coated doughnut, and finished off with a bitter chocolate sauce.

▼ Elmo’s favourite flavour is also given a spot in the range, as the Wasabi Cream doughnut.

This exciting new doughnut is topped with sesame-scented crackers and brown rice puffs, which add a crunchy textural accent to the smooth and tangy wasabi cream. The chain recommends trying this as soon as you can “before Elmo has it all to himself”, but unlike the other doughnuts, which are available at all Krispy Kreme locations around Japan, the Wasabi Cream is only being sold at the Tokyo International Forum branch.

▼ The Tokyo International Forum branch will also be dressed up in a special Sesame Street display while the range is available.

The doughnuts can be purchased separately and they’re priced at 324 yen (US$2.48) each for takeout or 330 yen for dine-in, except for the Chocolate Chip Cookie doughnut, which is a little cheaper, at 291 yen for takeout or 297 yen for dine-in.

▼ Alternatively, they can be purchased in packs of three for 961 yen (979 yen for dine-in)…


▼ …six (1,544 yen for takeout or 1,573 yen for dine-in)…

▼ …or 12 for 2,592 yen (2,640 yen for dine-in).

▼ As you may have noticed, the half-dozen comes in a very cute box.


All the doughnuts will be on sale from 19 April to late May, except the Wasabi Cream, which will be available from 19 April to 7 May. They’re all being made in limited quantities, though, which means they may sell out earlier, so you’ll want to get to Sesame Street for a taste of these as soon as you can!

Source, images: PR Times TM/© Sesame
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