The earth has always enjoyed a special relationship with the moon. The month-long cycle of push-and-pull between the planet and its natural satellite means we calculate days in terms of lunar months and in Japan they even use the same kanji character (月) to mean both month and moon itself. Oh, and instead of seeing a man on the moon’s surface, they see a rabbit pounding rice.

So when it comes to ‘that time of the month’, the connection with lunar forces in Japan has given birth to an unusual collaboration between Sailor Moon warriors, with a girl called Usagi-chan, or rabbit, at the helm, and Elis sanitary pads. Fans are gushing over the adorable packaging and the chance to win free related merchandise!

Available in limited numbers from August 1, the Elis Ultra Guard Super Absorbent Slim and the Ultra Guard Secure Until Morning overnight packs will feature all five of the anime’s main soldiers: Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter.






While the external package designs are adorable, the attention to exclusive design details extends to the bar-codes and the inner packaging.

▼ The slim varieties will each have different bar-codes, like the one on the left, while the overnight packs will all feature the design on the right.


▼ The individually wrapped packages inside will also include cute designs like the ones below.


What’s really getting fans excited is the chance to win related merchandise. Customers who send off their bar-code on a postcard will be in the running to win a Sailor Moon cushion, a Sailor Mercury wireless speaker, a Sailor Mars room lamp, a set of Sailor Jupiter slippers or a Sailor Venus humidifier.


Some lucky customers will be able to find the eye-popping Sailor Moon eye mask above attached to some packs. How many will be available and where they can be found won’t be revealed so we’ll be heading into as many stores as we can to see if we can  get our hands on one!


While ‘sanitary pad’ conjures up images of my grandmother in the 50s, the word ‘equipment’ feels much more appropriate as we venture into 2015 and beyond. So equip yourselves, girls! Unless, of course, you’re more of a juice-glugging sanitary panties kind of girl…

Source: PR Times
Images: DAIO PAPER Co.