Cutting 50 percent of blue light while allowing 85 percent of visible light through, these new glasses are a must-have for any hardcore gamer or corporate desk slave.

Blue light, also called high-energy visible light (HEV light), is the cause of blue-light hazard, described by Wikipedia as the potential for photochemical induced retinal injury resulting from electromagnetic radiation exposure at wavelengths primary between 400-500nm (the blue band of the visible spectrum). In simpler terms, wear these if you don’t want eye problems later!

The new glasses, to be released this August in Japan, come in two basic LED colors, red and blue. The temple tips which rest on the ears are made of a soft rubber composite allowing them to be comfortably worn with headphones.

temple tips
Perfect eye protection for those long hours spent in front of the computer blowing up opponents in your quest for world domination. With Battlefield 4 scheduled for release this October, do yourself a favor and pre-order a pair now while your eyes can still see make out the onscreen order form.

▼Blue light penetrates deeper into the retina.

blue light

Source: Weekly Ascii
Images: Dell, Jins