Pikachu and pals are here to help you see plus protect your peepers during prolonged PC sessions.

My eyesight is bad enough that I pretty much have to wear glasses for my every waking moment, and as a result I’m pretty particular about frames. I’m actually on my second set of lenses with my current frame, and I wasn’t really planning to make a switch anytime soon.

But now I’m not so sure, because Japanese manufacturer Zoff has a new line of Pokémon eyeglasses.


The company just unveiled its Zoff PC Clear Pack Pokémon Models. The prescription lenses are specially designed to cut 40 percent of the blue light emitted by computer monitors, making them a great choice for office workers, plus people who play a lot of games or watch a lot of anime on their PC.

Each of the five different frames features a different Pocket Monster pattern on the outside of the temples, and comes with a lens cleaning cloth for the same species. And regardless of which model you choose, you get a case with Pikachu giving a friendly wave.

▼ Starting things off are Pikachu’s glasses, which are just the sort of thing to make you look intelligent and classy at your next job interview.




Eevee makes for Zoff’s girliest glasses since the company’s Disney Princess tie-up.




▼ Fiery Charizard makes his presence felt on this red pair.



▼ Cool blue specs for the cool, calculating Mewtwo



▼ And finally, the oft-overlooked Gengar



Unlike other anime fashion items that ask fans to pay through the nose, Zoff’s Pokémon specs are incredibly affordable, priced at just 3,900 yen (US$34), and yes, that’s for both the frame and lenses. The Pokémon collection hasn’t made its way to physical Zoff retail outlets yet, but all five frame can be ordered here through the company’s online store.

Source: PR Times
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