Don’t let a lack of artistic skill stop you from creating the ultimate anime martial artist!

As the creator of the phenomenally successful anime/manga franchise Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama’s artwork has been amazingly influential. Thanks to his low line-count and well-defined, almost blocky angles, Toriyama’s characters have a unique atmosphere that mixes warmth and power, and countless fans have been inspired by Dragon Ball’s visuals to try their own hand at creating anime-influenced artwork.

But now there’s a way to create Dragon Ball-style characters even if you don’t have a shred of drawing skill.

Kirin Beverage, in its latest team-up with Toriyama’s seminal work, has launched the Welcome! Dargon Ball World! website, which allows you to mix and match a huge selection of artwork options to create your own original Dragon Ball character. After clicking through a bit of introductory text, you’re asked to select your character’s race and gender.

▼ Your choices are Earthing, Saiyan, Android, Supreme Kai, Namekian Majin, or Frieza’s Race.

After you click the OK button at the top right of the screen, you’re presented with an array of artwork components that let you select your character’s facial features, hairstyle, clothing, and accessories. Buttons at the bottom of the work area allow you to adjust the size and placement of selected parts.

▼ This being Dragon Ball, the selection of spiky hairstyles is huge (as are the spikes themselves).

Once you’ve got everything sorted to your liking, click the OK button again, and you’ll be asked to input your character’s name. You’ll also be given an automatically generated title, which for SoraNews was “The Raging Superhuman.”

▼ If you don’t like the title you’ve been given, you can roll the dice on another one by clicking the Auto button.

Click OK to confirm everything, and character creation process is complete! A scary-looking warning page will come up, but this is just reminding you to bookmark the page.

▼ Thanks for the reminder, Krillin!

Click the blue button, and you’ll see your finished character profile, complete with your power level, randomly assigned super move (Earth Fire for us) as well as your six-character alphanumeric Battle ID.

▼ Battle ID

As the power level implies, you can battle against characters other people have created by clicking the purple button, then entering your chosen opponent’s Battle ID and clicking the purple button again.

You can raise you character’s power level by sharing him or her on social media, or by entering serial numbers included with bottles of Kirin Mets Grapefruit Soda.

▼ Some of the other characters created by our writing staff

If you’re ready to craft your own Dragon Ball fighter, the website can be found here, and if you’re in the mood to fight against SoraNews, our Battle ID is 8S85DZ, and we’re taking on all challengers.

Images: SoraNews24 (taken through Kirin/Welcome to Dragon Ball World)
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