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Right now, the temperature and humidity in Tokyo are in a race to see which can climb faster. Yes, Japan’s hot, sticky midsummer is on the way, and for most of us, the deodorant we put on before we leave the house isn’t going to last more than a few short hours before it washes away in the rivers of sweat pouring off of our bodies.

Thankfully, men’s grooming product maker Gatsby is here to help with their deodorizing sheets. One of our reporters recently tried out several items from the company’s curiously extensive lineup of “body paper,” as the products are called in Japan, and then gave us his impressions on which is the best to keep yourself from smelling like the locker room after the annual joint training session of the varsity Greco Roman wrestling team and hot yoga club.

The deodorizing sheets are extremely soothing, and not just because they look like extra large baby wipes (or perhaps sensibly sized wipes for giant babies). Aside from having a pleasing smell, they also give your skin a cooling sensation as you wipe away your perspiration.

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Our tester is a veteran deodorizing sheet user who stocks up at the start of summer each year with enough to let him use at least one a day. He’s always been partial to Gatsby’s Sara Sara Deodorant Paper, but agreed to test it against three other varieties for this article. Each type was ranked on a scale of one to ten points for its scent and cooling sensation, along with an overall ranking (not necessarily an average).

But let’s not keep you sweating from the suspense any longer. Here is our expert’s expert opinion.

  • Fourth Place: Sara Sara Deodorant Paper

Scent: 8
Cooling: 7.5
Overall: 7.5

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We were surprised to see our reporter’s go-to deodorizing sheets finish at the bottom of the pile. Of course, he still had plenty of nice things to say about it. “It really does make your skin feel dry and clean. It’s also the mildest and most balanced of all the kinds I tested, and I think just about anyone would be at least partially satisfied with this.”

  • Third Place: Ice Deodorant Body Paper Ice Fruity

Scent: 9
Cooling: 7
Overall: 7.5

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Hey, we’re secure enough in our masculinity to recommend a product with “fruity” on the label. “As soon as I opened the package, the sweet smell of fruits wafted towards me,” our tester reports. “Honestly, this smells so good you could use it instead of cologne. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t go for the citrus smell most deodorizing sheets have, this is the one for you.”

  • Second Place: Biocore Deodorant Body Paper

Scent: 7.5
Cooling: 8.5
Overall: 8

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Our silver medal of smell goes to the unscented Biocore Deodorant variant. “The package bills it as being a dedicated deodorizer with antibacterial properties, so I didn’t expect it to feel particularly good on the skin,” our man states. “But in actuality, it has a strong cooling sensation, and the material is just so soft!”

  • First Place: Ice Deodorant Body Paper Ice Citrus

Scent: 7.5
Cooling: 9
Overall: 8.5

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Ladies and gentlemen (and thank you, ladies, for reading this far into a story that’s basically all about dudes sweating), we have a new champion. “This product’s most distinguishing characteristic is its no-holds-barred cooling!” exclaimed our judge. “With just one wipe, the sweat’s gone, and my skin is tingling with the same feeling you get sitting indoors with the AC blowing on you.”

However, our reporter was quick to point out that these results are based on his personal preferences only. “Personally, I really like products that make your skin feel cool, so for my own use, I know which ones I can’t make it through the summer without. But I’m sure other people have their own criteria, so their rankings might differ from mine.” So take our results as what they are–a starting point to help find the best match for you. Sure, you’ll have to finish the search by yourself, but it’s a small price to pay to avoid becoming part of the 90 percent of men with chronic B.O.

Stay fresh, guys!

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