Feast your eyes upon the Wakki Seven, but don’t breathe too deeply.

With their flashy outfits, color-coded hairstyles, and plethora of personalities ranging from cool and collected to fiery and hot-blooded, the members of the Wakki Seven definitely look the part of a modern team of anime leading men. However, they definitely don’t smell the part.

That’s because the group, which is Japan’s latest collection of anthropomorphized anime hunks, isn’t based on anything as appealing as tasty desserts or historical swords. No, instead, each and every member of the Wakki Seven, a.k.a. the Smelly Seven, is based on a specific kind of stinky underarm smell.

Specifically, they’re based on men’s smelly armpits, as determined by male grooming brand Gatsby’s decade-plus investigation into masculine stank. Starting things off is Milk Smell, who chomps on a pacifier and fires oily, creamy liquid from his Goo Goo Machine Guns.

Representing sharper odors is Acid Smell, with his pointy teeth, hair, and mysterious Object X projectile weapon.

Spice Smell doubles down on the anime appeal by holding his gigantic Spice Mill 23 in the famous Brave Perspective/Sunrise Stance, as seen in countless mecha series.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mold Smell doesn’t need any technological armaments or aesthetics, thanks to his Musty Wand that lets him conjure terrifying stink cloud demons.

The classical sweaty smell is represented by Mushiniku Smell, with mushiniku translating literally as “steamed meat,” which is why he goes into battle with a wooden steamer box lid.

Every anime cast created for maximum breadth of appeal needs a stoic samurai type, and for the Smelly Seven that role is filled by Clammy Smell, who hides his sword, the Nureichimonji, within the handle of a perpetually damp mop.

And last, there’s Iron Smell, the manifestation of metallic body funk, wearer of the Rusty Suit.

However, it might be best not to get too attached to your favorite handsome armpit stench personification. As mentioned above, the characters were created for grooming product maker Gatsby, and they make their first appearance in an ad for the company’s new Premium Type Deodorant, so the Smelly Seven’s days might be numbered, seeing as how the people paying for their creation are also making it their mission to wipe such smells out of existence.

Sources: Gatsby, press release
Top image: Gatsby
Insert images: Press release, Gatsby
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