Hot on the heels of their hugely successful recreation of the zombies, characters, and pasta dishes from the hit video game and movie franchises Resident Evil, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is teaming up with Capcom once again this summer to bring us an even more authentic survival horror experience in the form of Resident Evil: The Real (Biohazard: The Real in Japan).

Rather than simply walking around getting spooked by zombies, USJ is providing visitors with their own replica gun, a limited supply of ammo, and only a few minutes to survive an onslaught of zombies and other creatures from the Resident Evil series. Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of gamers’ day being made.

In this attraction, the combination of USJ’s special effects prowess and Capcom’s expertise has resulted in a highly detailed and authentic Raccoon City environment for us to cower in.

However, players will be equipped with a lifelike handgun (Glock according to the image?) with a realistic weight and a gauge that measures your level of infection. The goal is to make it to your destination without reaching maximum infection.

Just like in the game, your ammo is limited, so going Leeroy Jenkins and running through the alleys guns-a-blazin’ will probably result in a swift infection. Players must proceed cautiously as zombies and lickers pop out at seemingly random intervals.

The attraction/game will begin on 19 July and run until 9 September in the Palace Theater in the New York section of the park. Then from 12 September to 10 November, it will operate only on Friday to Monday or holidays. That’s right, this is a limited time experience so make sure to clear your schedule.

USJ also claims that the chances of surviving the game without infection are “approximately zero percent”. We’re not sure if that’s just some hype or if this thing is really that hard. We’ll just have to wait for next month to see.

Also, green herbs don’t appear to play a part in this Resident Evil simulation, but we advise you not to bring your own. Japan has some incredibly strict drug laws.

Source: PR Times (Japanese)