Summer has come early in Japan this year and everyone’s doing their best to stave off the heat in temperatures that have reached up to 40°C in some parts of the country.

In the midst of all the sweat and suncream it looks like this little guy’s found a novel way to keep cool. The added bonus is that he looks absolutely adorable, but the downside is that,  at least to Japanese people, he seems positively edible!

Hammy here’s been causing a stir amongst Japanese Twitter users for his uncanny resemblance to a daifuku. Daifuku are traditional Japanese sweets made from mochi (glutinous rice paste) and stuffed with a sweet filling. The filling is often anko (sweet red bean paste), but there are all sorts of variations such as strawberry, coffee, and chestnut. And in my opinion, they’re absolutely delicious.

Comparing the pics below, I can certainly see the resemblance!


▼ Hamfuku

The object beneath him is a slab of marble that’s cool to the touch, and makes the perfect resting place for a small fluffy creature who must get pretty warm under all that fur.

Twitter went crazy over the two pictures posted by Hammy’s owner, @Atelier_Yehl, with each post being retweeted over 10,000 times. Comments ranged from the typical “So cute!” to the more sinister “I wanna eat him in one bite!” I’d be keeping an eye on Hammy if I were you, Atelier, because it sounds like a lot of people want to gobble him right up!

For any curious pet owners, the cooling marble stone is available here through It makes a great sleeping spot for your own hamster or other small furry pet.

If you can find a bigger slab somewhere, then maybe even cats and dogs would like it too?! And if you find a human-sized one, let me know ‘cos I could definitely use one right about now!

Source: Entabe, Twitter
Daifuku photo © RocketNews24