Strawberry mochi dumpling vending machine made our Japanese station dungeon crawl worth it

Delving into the depths for daifuku.

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In an era of “next-level” foods, these fruit daifuku really do take it to the next level【Taste test】

So many places claim to serve “evolved” food these days, but there are some dishes that actually deserve that description!

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Fruit daifuku – A Japanese mochi dessert that’s simple to make and awesome to experiment with

Today in the SoraKitchen we’re mixing nature’s candy with Japanese sweets.

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Exploring the tastes and textures of Forbidden Yukimi Toast【SoraKitchen】

Combination of two popular Japanese brands promise a “forbidden” level of tenderness.

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We became Japanese sweet chefs for a day with Popin Cooking’s DIY wagashi set

We made an entire Japanese sweets spread on our own with just one kit!

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Happy Halloween! Now eat your eyeball mochi

It’s the gooey filling that really makes them delicious.

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Make your Japanese snacks even more Instagrammable with these mochi ice cream backgrounds

Say goodbye to boring old plates with these adorable designs!

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New Mochi Cream Doughnuts from Mister Donut pay homage to Japanese confectionery

Sure, sex is great, but have you ever had a daifuku cream doughnut?

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Cold Stone now has sakura mochi ice cream in Japan for a limited time!

The addition of pounded sticky rice makes this new creation taste like a traditional Japanese daifuku sweet.

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Japan turns the confectionery world on its head with stretchy mochi-covered chocolates

Japanese company reinvents chocolate by adding sakura and sticky rice to the mix.

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Traditional Japanese rice cake gets a western twist — with cream cheese and blueberry filling!

Here’s what you get when western cream cheese meets a traditional daifuku rice cake!

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Japanese confection maker offers students support with lucky four-leaf clover rice cakes!

Confectionary maker Suehiroan is hoping these daifuku rice cakes decorated with a four-leaf clover will provide encouragement for students taking entrance exams!

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Have a rice cake! Have a tangerine! Why not have both with the visually stunning mikan daifuku?

Eating sweet tangerines, or mikan as we call them here, while snuggled in a warm kotatsu table is a favorite winter pastime in Japan. (And believe us when we say it becomes a struggle to leave the comfortable warmth of the kotatsu for anything short of a grave emergency.)

Well, thanks to Japanese confection maker Akasaka Aono, you can now enjoy winter tangerines in a slightly unique form. They’ve wrapped a whole tangerine inside a soft daifuku rice cake! Now, that’s certainly an unusual presentation for a daifuku, so it’s not surprising that the Japanese public has taken notice, and since we’re always on the lookout for interesting foods, one of the reporters from our Japanese sister site Pouch promptly tried the cake to give all of us a first hand account. Let’s hear what she had to say about the unique tangerine and mochi confection!

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The originator of the strawberry daifuku, Tamaya continues to be a step ahead of competition

Daifuku is a widely popular type of Japanese confection consisting mainly of an outer layer of mochi (gelatinous rice paste) with an anko (sweet bean paste) filling. The result is a mildly sweet treat with a comfortably smooth texture.

There are many variations of daifuku including ichigo daifuku containing a whole strawberry inside of the mochi and anko, which have become hugely popular all around Japan. However, do you know where this trend started?

Our hungry reporter Mr. Sato does, and he went down to the first store ever to sell ichigo daifuku, Tamaya, to try their wares himself. He found that not only are they the original, but they may just make best ichigo daifuku in all of Japan.

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Little fat hamster just trying to keep cool in danger from hungry Japanese

Summer has come early in Japan this year and everyone’s doing their best to stave off the heat in temperatures that have reached up to 40°C in some parts of the country.

In the midst of all the sweat and suncream it looks like this little guy’s found a novel way to keep cool. The added bonus is that he looks absolutely adorable, but the downside is that,  at least to Japanese people, he seems positively edible!

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